Melanie: he's got the man flu
Me: what's the man flu?
Melanie: it's just a common cold but when men get it it's the worst flu ever
Me: omg that's so perfect

I really want to go use the darkroom on campus but I’m not in a photo class rn so I’m not technically supposed to use it and that gives me anxiety. :/


do you ever cook something in the microwave but it’s still really cold in the middle and you just keep eating it instead of heating it longer because life is pointless and entropy is unavoidable and the universe is filled with callous and casual destruction

A midday walk, to soak up the sun.


Too many elegies elevating sadness
to a kind of sad religion:

one wants in the end just once to befriend
one’s own loneliness,

to make of the ache of inwardness—

______music maybe…

Christian Wiman, from “Music Maybe,” Once in the West by Christian Wiman, (Farrar, straus, & Giroux, 2014) reviewed by Caitlin Mackenzie at The Rumpus (via apoetreflects)

Days like today I think that I must live in the most beautiful place on earth. #westcoastbestcoast

Windswept ocean selfie.


ooo // karen o

don’t tell me that they’re all the same
'cause even the sound of his name
carries me over their reach
back to some golden beach
where only he remains